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Elizabeth Morgan

Elizabeth Morgan

EFT – How to Do it

Firstly, identify the problem that you wish to resolve. Be specific about the issue. Rate the intensity of the problem on a scale of 0-10.

Next you have to form a setup phrase. This is an acknowledgement of the problem and an acceptance of yourself. It looks like this:

“Even though I have this problem I deeply and completely accept myself”

The reminder phrase is the words you will use to help keep your brain focussed on the issue being treated.

“This problem

In each case, you substitute the word “problem” with your own specific issue.

Now find the Karate point. This is the fleshy part of the side of the hand, between your wrist and your little finger, the part that you would use to do a Karate chop. Tap continuously on this point whilst repeating your setup phrase. Do this three times.

Now tap with your fingers on the points listed below. Tap about 5-7 times on each spot, and each time repeat your reminder phrase.

Eyebrow point (where the eyebrow starts, on the inside)

Side of the eye (where the eyebrow ends, on the outer edge)

Under the eye (in the middle, on the bone under the eye)

Under the nose (in the indentation between the nose and top lip)

Chin point (the indentation, half way between the bottom lip and the chin)

Collar bone point (thump with your fist on the spot where a man would knot his tie, and just slightly off to one side)

Under arm (under your arm - for a woman, a point in the middle of the bra strap, for a man, a point level with the nipple)


Thumb (top side of the thumb where the nail bed starts)

Index finger (same)

Middle finger (same)

Little finger (same)

Gamut point (on the back of the hand, in the indentation between the knuckles of the ring finger and little finger, about an inch back towards the wrist)


Do this again, tapping all the points and repeating your reminder phrase.

Take a breath, and rate your intensity.

If you’ve gone down to zero, you’re done. If you’re not at zero, do it again but this time in the setup phrase say:

“Even though I have still have some of this problem I deeply and completely accept myself”

Your reminder phrase this time will be “This remaining problem”.

Repeat until the emotional charge is down to a zero.

If you are not having any results, then you may need to look at the phrases you are using. EFT works best on specifics. For example if the issue is a fear of heights, rather than saying “Even though I have this fear of heights...” think about how it feels, what physical feelings you get, or where you get them. The setup phrase might then be, “Even though I have this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach...”.

What can EFT be used for?

•         Fears & Phobias

•         Addictions (including weight loss)

•         Emotional/Physical/Sexual Abuse

•         Physical/Emotional Pain (including PTSD)

•         Headaches & Migraines

•         Sports Performance

•         Allergies & Sensitiveness

•         Self Image/Confidence

•         Success & Abundance (limiting beliefs)

•         Chronic Illness (MS, ME, arthritis, etc)

•         Other - tinnitus, phantom pain, dyslexia, etc

For more information please feel free to get in touch with me. My contact details are on the website.

Elizabeth Morgan



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